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" Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..."

Romans 12:6 (ESV)

Information Technology Relationships


Taylor University has formal relationships with more than one consortium of colleges.  Some of these are of particular value to the Information Technology department.

  • The Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) is a consortium of private college and universities in Indiana, giving us an opportunity to work with schools which are not only similar to ours but in the same geographic region and same economic and political environment.  Through ICI, we have partners in information sharing, and are also able to be part of purchasing contracts  that leverage the entire membership of the organization.  Our pricing deals with Microsoft and Adobe, for instance, are all negotiated through ICI.  Bell Tech Logix and CDW-G are both partner companies of the ICI consortium.
  • The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) provides  Taylor’s IT department with an international network of colleagues at other schools which face similar challenges.  Together, we share ideas and solutions to those challenges.  It is a great avenue for information sharing and mutual learning.
  • We recently enrolled in the HESS Consortium, an alliance of private higher educational institutions exploring forward-thinking ideas of partnership in cloud endeavors and large, enterprise-level systems.  For now, this relationship is information-gathering and learning about trends and possibilities for the future.

Other Memberships

  • I-Light is a membership organization of higher educational institutions in Indiana, providing fiber-optic infrastructure.  Taylor University’s internet connectivity comes via I-Light, which also makes us part of Internet 2 for improved connectivity between institutions engaged in cutting-edge research.
  • REN-ISAC is an organization which provides its members with information about the latest information security threats.  They also monitor the internet for signs of possible compromises and alert membership institutions if there is the possibility they were involved in such a compromise.
  • The E&I cooperative is a purchasing cooperative for educational institutions, the largest such organization in the nation.  Through E&I, Taylor’s IT department is able to access some of best technology deals available.  As of August 2017, CDW-G is the only reseller in our area for the E&I contract, giving us new access to even more aggressive pricing from some vendors.